Browse All : Uncoloured and William Nimmo, A general history of Stirlingshire; containing an account of the ancient monuments, ... with the natural history of the shire. ... Illustrated with a large map ... Edinburgh : printed for William Creech, and sold by T. Cadell, London, 1777. by Creech, William and Edgar, William and Nimmo, William and Edgar, William and University of Edinburgh Library, Special Collections of Bannockburn,Scotland,Stirlingshire

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[Detail from:] A map of Stirlingshire from a Survey by William Edgar in 1745, with a few alterations to accommodate it to the present time ; ... [Detail of the plan of the battle of Bannochburn, 1314] [1 of 1]
[Edgar, William, Nimmo,...
[Detail from:] A map of...
Subject Place Bannockburn,Scotland,Stirlingshire
Subject Category Historical geography
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