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The description of Holden Rigge. [1 of 1]
The description of Hold...
[Hadden Rig, Knottielee...
Subject Place [Hadden Rig, Knottieleese, Northumberland, Roxburghshire, Scotland, Scottish Borders, Sprouston]
Subject Category Border disputes (England and Scotland)
Holy-Island Fairn Islands with the many Rocks and Hazards that lye Scatter'd in that Sea And the Coast from Sunderland point in England to St Abbs-head in Scotland [manuscript copy] [1 of 1]
[Anonymous, Adair, John...
Holy-Island Fairn Islan...
[Berwickshire, Northumb...
Subject Place [Berwickshire, Northumberland, Scotland]
Subject Category [Board of Ordnance, Maps, Manuscript, Nautical charts]
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